About Us

Company: Our Company supplies different kind of buttons, which are made from different materials & also deals into other high fashion garment accessories, which adds value to your garment. 

Team The company & employees of the company work as a team, so we get always a better result, at the end of the day. 

Sampling & Bulk: Company takes care of client / buyer for each & every enquiry they get, whether it is small or big, sampling or bulk & understands what exactly the client / buyers requires, based on that they proceed & try to give the best. Domestic: We also have a set up for domestic clients separately, here based on the international trend, we make aware the domestic clients, so that they can even be with the current & be globally competitive. 

R&D: The moment company receives any new enquiry, it goes to the R& D, who understands the product properly & understands the technical part of it, later we develop the same & make it production friendly. 

Packing: Before dispatching the goods, company checks each & every material & later after getting QC passed, it is supplied to the client. 

Communication: Seeing the global speed on communication, company has maintained all the infrastructure, which is required: phones, fax, Mobiles, or just a mail: And we are at your service.