Button Quality


During the 1950's synthetic buttons are made from a material called casein (made from a milk derivative). This material is now quite rare. The curing of the raw material is a lengthy manufacturing process, taking several weeks. The finish however is very smooth and shiny making an extremely desirable button, especially for the 'couture' fashion industry.

Glitz Fashions supplies buttons of exceptional quality and beauty,  we work closely with our customers to achieve an outstanding product at a competitive price. You can rely upon our vision and expertise to ensure the end result not only fits your requirements but appeals to an increasingly exacting and discerning consumer.

We are a Supplier of buttons and sell direct to our clients, thus we have no middle-man and can offer pricing that is far more competitive. Hundreds of clients prefer us over the competition because of our ability to consistently deliver top-quality buttons with some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. 

We ship anywhere in the world using multiple courier systems and have the ability to fully customise buttons to client specifications. We at Glitz Fashions have a long standing tradition of providing personalised attention to each and every client we serve, please allow us to share our passion for Button needs with you.

We can supply buttons with standards : OEKO-TEX, REACH Standards ( Lead-Free, Phthalate Free, Cadmium Free, P.V.C Free )